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Editors are excited to use Lightroom video editor for editing photos and videos. But in this modern time, they think that exploring means editing AI-driven photos with Lightroom. So, exactly you can Explore AI-driven Photo Editing with Lightroom because it is the best. 

Yes, after investing a lot of time on the internet I have understood that you can easily edit AI photos with Lightroom. Now you can easily make stunning videos and photos with Lightroom. We know that now you will be excited to know about how you can explore AI-driven Photo Editing with Lightroom & Capture One and their features. So, in this article, we will cover it!



What is Explore AI-driven Photo Editing with Lightroom & Capture One?

In easy words, explore the world of AI-driven photo editing with Lightroom and Capture One where advanced and latest technology boosts your pictures. No doubt that every editor wants the best technology to make their photos attractive.
Additionally,  These user-friendly tools use artificial intelligence to analyse and improve your photo look. They always help to make your photos look shiny. With just a few clicks, you may unleash the potential of clever improvements and improve your photographic abilities.



How to Explore AI-driven Photo Editing with Lightroom & Capture One?

 Surely, you want to know how to Explore AI-driven Photo Editing with Lightroom & Capture One? So, here we will tell you about an easy process.

 Get the Software:

Firstly,  you must have the software. This means you will download and install Adobe Lightroom and capture one on your computer or laptop. You may find them on official sites.


Open a Photo:

Then, start the program and open a photo that you want to edit. After that, you will look for a button like import or open to select your picture.

Basic Adjustments:

Both Lightroom and Capture One have simple and easy sliders for basic adjustments. Play with sliders like “Exposure” (brightness), “Contrast,” and “Saturation” to see how they change your photo. This means how they can change the look of your photo.

AI Features:

It’s time to explore AI-driven features. These fantastic tools use artificial intelligence to automatically boost your photo look. After that, you have to look for buttons or features like auto enhancement or AI enhancement. These are very great features to create attractive photos!

Presets and Styles:

Now, check out presets or styles. They are like the pre-made adjustments that will apply to your photos with just a single click. They often include artistic and AI-enhanced looks. So, The benefit of this, they will not require extra time.


When you have applied automatic adjustments or presets on your photo, fine-tune the settings manually. So, You may also adjust specific aspects like colour, sharpness, and noise reduction.

Compare Versions:

Both Lightroom and Capture One allow you to compare your edited version with the original. It will help you to see the changes you’ve made. For example; is it looking beautiful or not?

Save Your Edit:

When you are satisfied with your edits, save your photo. Look for a button like export or save as. Select a location on your computer or laptop to store that you have edited the photos.

Learn and Experiment:

It’s okay to venture out and try new things. Since a lot of editors worry about it. There are many features in both Lightroom and Capture One, so take your time to figure out which ones best suit your needs.

Have Fun:

Photo editing ought to be fun. Try out various tools, styles, and effects to discover your editing aesthetic.

Explore AI-driven Photo Editing with Lightroom

Features to Explore AI-driven Photo Editing with Lightroom & Capture One

 It’s time to tell you about the features of Explore AI-driven Photo Editing with Lightroom & Capture One

  • Instant Improvements: With a single click, let AI analyse and automatically improve your photographs to make them look better without requiring any manual editing.
  • Fixing the Brightness: AI has an excellent power to understand when your photo is too dark or bright to suggest changes to get the perfect lighting without having to figure it out.

  •  Colours Made Right: Now say goodbye to weird colours – AI corrects colour issues, ensuring your photos have vibrant and natural hues. This means it will always give your photos a natural look.
  • No More Grainy Shots: The main feature is Ai can easily reduce unwanted noise that you want to skip. It also gives them a clean and professional look.
  •  Composition Help: You can easily get advice from AI on how to make your photos more interesting and well-framed. This means a picture that can easily attract others.
  •  Easy Cropping and Straightening: Allow AI to take care of the precise alignment and cropping, saving you the trouble.
  • Facial Touch-ups: AI can recognize faces, therefore it’s simple to alter facial expressions, get rid of imperfections, and easily change skin tone.
  • Batch Editing Magic: You can easily save time! This means applying the same edits to multiple photos at once – in a real-time-saver.
  • One-Click Filters: Discover AI-powered presets for quick, one-click changes that take into account the particulars of each shot.
  •  Learn Your Style: These tools learn from your editing to provide personalised suggestions that can easily match your needs.
AI-driven Photo Editing with Lightroom

Last Thoughts:

To conclude,  Hope you have understood about Explore AI-driven Photo Editing with Lightroom & Capture One and their features. So, These user-friendly tools always help you to make your photos shine and stunning.
Furthermore, Now you can easily explore AI-driven Photo Editing with Lightroom & Capture One by following these easy steps. Such as; Get the Software, Open a Photo, Basic Adjustments, AI Features, Presets and Styles, Fine-Tune, Compare Versions, Save Your Edit, Learn and Experiment, and Have Fun.
So, go ahead and explore it to get all the key features that I have mentioned in this blog. 

In Our blog section you will find more relevant articles to further increase your artistic instinct.

Thank You!


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A: Yes of course AI edits photos in lightroom.

A: There’s no upper limit to the number of photos you can edit multiple photos.

A: There are many AIs that edit the photos but the best two is Adobe Photoshop and Canva.

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