How To Apply Lightroom Preset To Multiple Photos – 3 Effective Methods in 2024


In this fast-paced world, using Lightroom presets has become a major problem for editors in 2024. Because many editors, especially beginners, do not know How To Apply Lightroom Preset To Multiple Photos. Guyz, Do not worry! We are here to solve this problem. 

So, after a lot of research, we have found the 3 easy and effective methods to apply presets in 2024 to multiple photos.  Such as; selecting the picture, opening the presets to select it, and applying the presets. This easy effective method will change your photos into aesthetic. Let’s discuss it in depth and further key information about Lightroom! or You can also look at this Blog Article  to further explore this powerful video editing tool. 

What Is Lightroom?

Lightroom is one of the best applications to edit your photos and videos. They make your photos awesome and can easily catch the eyes of everyone. It’s like having a magic tool on your mobile, computer, or PC. 

Yes, it’s a great opportunity for those who have no computer in their home. So, they can easily use this app on their mobile phones. Additionally, you can edit brightness, and remove any unwanted elements you do not want to see in your photos.

What Are Presets in Lightroom?

Editors are always excited to know everything about Lightroom. So, lightroom is one of the basic questions that arises in every editor’s mind. Presets in Lightroom are like the super magic button that can easily change your whole photo. 

Yes, the presets are full of stunning effects. You can apply the effects according to your needs with just one click. For example; lightroom presets have several filters and effects that make your photos awesome. 

Furthermore, you can apply presets to your photos according to your needs. Such as; if you want a bright and airy feel or a vintage vibe you can easily apply any filter or effects. So, use presets and change your photo’s look! 

Where to Get the Right Presets?

Surely, now you are getting excited to know where to get the right presets. So here we will tell you where you can find the presets. But keep in mind that whatever source you choose to get presets, it must be a match from your editing software.

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Online Marketplaces:

It is one of the most trusted sources to download presets. You can get the right presets on different websites like Creative Market, Adobe Stock etc. They provide a different variety of presets created by qualified photographers and designers.

Social media:

Social media is also one of the best sources to get presets. You can get Instagram and Pinterest. They are both great places to presets to find photographers who share their presets or offer them for sale.

Photography Software Platforms:

If you are a professional photographer and use multiple apps to edit photos and videos. You can also find the presets on their official and real websites.

Photography Blogs and Websites:

Many content writer share their presets at a low price. Additionally, many bloggers also share it for free. So, you must keep an eye on these trusted sources.

How to install presets in Lightroom Mobile

After getting all the key information about presets, your eyes will want to read how to install presets in Lightroom mobile. Let’s discuss this in an easy step-by-step!

  • Find Presets: Firstly, you must search online for Lightroom, and mobile presets. Then, you will see many paid and free versions of it. 
  • Download preset: Secondly, select any one of the following according to your need. And then download them on your phone. They are available in XMP or DNG files. 
  • Import presets: Thirdly, you have to open the Lightroom mobile and import presets files. You can do it by clicking the button of +. After that, you will choose import from files or camera roll.  
  • Apply Presets: After that, when the import has been completed. You have to go to select the photos that you want to edit. 

How to Apply Lightroom Preset to Multiple photos in Lightroom?

After installing Lightroom, it’s time to discuss the easiest and best method How To Apply Lightroom Preset To Multiple Photos. So, follow these easy steps to create or apply presets in Lightroom.

How to Apply lightroom Presets to Multiple photos in Lightroom?

Step 1: Select Your Photos: 

Firstly, the basic step is you have to choose all the photographs that you want to modify in Lightroom. Clicking on them on the filmstrip at the bottom of the screen will allow you to accomplish this.

Step 2: Open the Presets Panel: 

Secondly, the presets are presets on the left-hand side of the screen. You will see it like a box with sliders. So, you have to open it. 

Step 3:  Choose Your Preset: 

Thirdly, after opening you will the list of presets. Check all presets and find which is best for your photos. And then click on presets that you liked too much. 

Step 4: Apply the Preset:

When you have selected the presets then you have to simply click on the pictures that you have selected to edit. After that, lightroom will create presets for all photos that you have chosen.

Step 5: Fine-Tune (Optional): 

If you want to edit more of your photos. So, make additional adjustments after applying presets.  But if you do not need to you can leave this step because it depends on the picture or your needs. 

What Are Some Tips for Using Presets in Lightroom?

After getting the information on How To Apply Lightroom Preset To Multiple Photos. You must know the tips for using presets in Lightroom. piscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

1. Explore Different Presets:

The main tip for using presets in Lightroom is that you must explore several effects or filters. And then decide which one is the best. Because when you check all the filters, you can easily apply the best one that can make your photos more awesome. 

2. Adjust to Fit: 

When you have applied the presets so do not forget to tweak the settings if needed. Since each photo is different, you might need to make some tweaks to achieve the ideal effect. To make the preset more to your taste, experiment with the sliders. 

3. Create Your Own: 

Never be afraid to apply different things to your photos. This means creating your own presets. If you use a particular set of edits so must save them as presets for easy access in the future. Additionally, it can save you time in your editing. 

4. Organise Your Presets: 

It becomes increasingly important to maintain organization as your preset collection expands. To make your presets easier to find when you need them, organize them into folders and group them according to themes or styles. 

5. Backup Your Presets: 

Keep in mind that presets are valuable assets so you have to make sure to back them up regularly. The benefit of this tip is you will keep them if your computer crashes or software updates. In the long term, backing up your presets can save you a great deal of grief.  mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

What Are the Benefits of Applying Presets to Multiple Images in Lightroom?

Here are some key benefits of applying presets to pictures, making it a favorite. 


The one excellent benefit of applying presets is that they give you a consistent and professional look to your all images. By applying the same presets to your all photos, they look professional, and uniform style. 


Many editors want to edit the photos in a very short time. Lightroom is one of the best applications that requires your minimum time. That means instead of editing the photos individually, presets allow you to create edits for multiple pictures with just one click.  They will not only save you time but also give you the same look to your all photos. 


By automating tedious processes, presets simplify the editing process. You may easily apply a preset you like to several photographs, which minimizes the need for manual modifications. 


One excellent feature of presets is that they provide several ways to experiment with different styles and looks. This means you can check many styles like effects and filters. Abd then selects which one is best for your photos. Yes, you have the freedom to apply any effect that can suit your pictures. 

Learning tool: 

If you are a beginner, you can be a professional after using the present. Yes, because you will learn how presets impact the final picture, how they affect several pictures, which presets will look stunning etc.  So, by applying the presets, you can get the best experience of how different adjustments can affect your picture. 

How to choose the Right Presets for Each Photo?

It is the main question that arises in every editor’s mind. Keep in mind that when you choose the right presets for your images, you must experiment with several one by one. It will help you to make the best decision about which one will be more suit for your pictures. 

For example: look at every preset to identify which one is best. And then, you must check the style and then apply the presets. Trust your eye and go with the preset that enhances the overall look and feel you’re aiming for.

What Are the Limitations of Applying Presets to Multiple Images in Lightroom?

Here are some limitations of applying presets to multiple pictures in Lightroom!

One Size Doesn’t Fit All:

Presets are like the dress. Yes, for example; all dresses do not suit your personality. Only some suit at your personality. Same as like presets. The presets suit only some pictures not at all. The colors and lighting will not suit at all. 

Missing Personal Touch: 

You can miss the personal touch in your photos. That means if you apply a lot of presets to your pictures, they can look fake. So, must check which presets will suit you or not in your picture. 

Cookie-Cutter Creativity: 

Overuse of presets may stifle your imagination. Even while they’re practical, they could keep you from trying new things and creating your look. You have greater creative freedom to convey your concept for each shot when you manually adjust the parameters.


Lastly, hope you can easily apply presets in Lightroom after reading the easy steps that we have mentioned about How To Apply Lightroom Preset To Multiple Photos in this article. As you know presets are like the little fantastic studio in your mobile or PC. the presets will help you to make your photos awesome and can easily catch the eyes of everyone. 
So, why are you still waiting? Go ahead and apply the presets in Lightroom to make your photos attractive!

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There is another useful resource that you access for further tutorials on how to use Lightroom, if you need to learn more about this please click here.
So, follow the tips and tricks and take amazing photos, thank you! 


How To Apply Lightroom Preset To Multiple Photos

A: LIghtroom presets work very well, they can change the overall look of your photos. os in Lightroom. 

A: Yes, you can easily apply the presets to only specific pictures on Lightroom.

A: No, you cannot apply presets to videos in Lightroom.

A: Yes, you can remove preset settings from various images.

A: Yes, you can use various presets on various pictures in the same batch.

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