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How to delete Lightroom account: A step-by-step guide


delete lightroom account

Step 1: Log In to Lightroom

Step 2: Access Account Settings

Step 3: Locate Account Management

Step 4: Find the Delete Account Option

Step 5: Confirm Delete Lightroom Account

Step 6: Confirmation and Closure

Avoid things when deleting lightroom account:

Delete lr image 1

Loss of Photos and Edits

Unsubscribe from Subscriptions

Remember Shared Albums and Links

Retrieve Cloud Storage

Consider Mobile App Access

Synced Devices Disruption

Save Collections and Presets

Inform Collaborators



A: Yes, you can easily delete your Lightroom account.

A: No, you may not recover your lightroom account after deleting it.

A: Yes it is possible but when you delete your account, you must save your photos before deleting. 

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