Lightroom not working, crashes, black/white screen on Android


Editors always use the Lightroom app for editing photos and videos. It is better than all because of its features. They have many features but the one excellent one is you can use them for free. However, some problems face many editors when they use Lightroom. The problem is Lightroom not working, crashes, black/white screen on Android. So, let’s discuss why many people face these problems. or You can also look at this Blog Article  to further explore this powerful video editing tool.

What Does “Lightroom Not Working” Mean?

Lightroom not working means when you use Lightroom it is not working properly. That simply means the Lightroom app is not functioning as it should on your Android device. 

For example; it can fail to open, not respond to your specific commands, or freeze. Trying to edit photos or arrange your collection can be somewhat annoying.

Lightroom not working, crashes, black/white screen on Android

Lightroom not working, crashes, black/white screen on Android

Here, we will define all problems in detail.

Understanding Crashes in Lightroom:

Crashes mean when you use the Lightroom app but suddenly it closes or stops working unexpectedly. This could happen when you’re using the app or editing photos.

These crashes may happen due to software bugs, compatibility issues, or problems with problems with your device’s resources. Sometimes the devices do not work properly for many reasons.

Dealing with Black Screens in Lightroom:

Now, I will tell you about the black screen. If you see a black screen when you are opening Lightroom. So, keep in mind that it means your Lightroom app is not displaying its interface as it should. Many editors get worried when they face this problem when they are editing. 

So, be relaxed because it can be the result of a hardware problem or a software bug in your device. This means it can be due to your hardware or software. It can make it impossible for you to use the app’s functions or view your photos.

Encountering White Screens in Lightroom:

Now, it’s time to tell you about the white screen in Lightroom. A white screen in Lightroom means the application is failing to load its content. 

Many editors are confused about this problem. So, this may occur when you open the application or navigate between sections. Additionally, it can be due to a problem with the app’s data, your device’s memory, or software conflicts. 

As you know sometimes our mobile’s memory is full, that’s why many applications do not work properly. So, you should free up your mobile space.

Possible Causes of Lightroom Not Working:

Possible Causes of Lightroom Not Working:

Here, we will explore the main causes of Lightroom not working. So, after reading these causes, solve their issues and then you can easily use Lightroom without any kind of problems.

Outdated Software:

It is the main cause. If you do not have the latest version of Lightroom, you cannot use it because it may not work properly. So, you must update such as; performance and bug fixes. 

Insufficient System Requirements:

Sometimes, it’s possible that your computer doesn’t have what Lightroom needs to function properly. That simply means you must check if your system has enough RAM, and disk processing. 

Corrupted Catalog:

The main problem is that the program might not work correctly if the Lightroom catalogue is corrupted. So, in this condition, you will back up your catalogue daily to avoid data loss and corruption. 

Conflicting Plugins:

Lightroom may occasionally misbehave due to conflicts with third-party plugins. So, you should uninstall or disable plugins to identify the culprit. 

Hardware Issues:

If you have problems with hardware components such as drives or memory can impact the light room’s performance. You can say hardware problems directly impact their performance. 

Now, test hardware components for errors and then replace them if necessary. 

Driver Compatibility:

Lightroom problems may arise from outdated or incompatible drivers for your graphics card or other devices. So, you should update your drives to ensure compatibility with Lightroom. 

Corrupted Preferences:

A corrupted preference file in Lightroom could cause strange behaviour. Don’t worry you may reset Lightroom preference to the default setting to resolve the problems. After resolving you may easily use Lightroom. 

Insufficient Disk Space:

Low disk space can also affect the performance of the lightroom. Lightroom may run poorly if the drive where it keeps its files has less disk space. Additionally, Delete or transfer unwanted files to an external drive to free up disk space.

Operating System Issues:

Problems with the operating system may also cause you to lose. This means it can affect the light room’s performance and stability. So, you can ensure that your operating system is updated and working properly as it should. 

Network Connection Problems:

As you know network problems are the biggest factor that affects the performance of the lightroom. If there are any troubles with your network connection, Lightroom may also have difficulties.

Furthermore, you must check your internet connection and appropriate network configurations to guarantee correct connectivity.

Other issues: 


    • Lightroom may not work due to various reasons, such as software bugs, compatibility issues with your device, or insufficient resources.

    • Lightroom’s performance may be impacted if your Android smartphone has low memory or storage space.

    • Sometimes, outdated software or conflicting apps can also lead to problems with Lightroom.

Steps to Resolve Lightroom Issues on Android:

So, it’s time to tell you the easy steps to resolve Lightroom problems on Android. 


    • You must try restarting the Lightroom app to see if the problem resolves.

    • To eliminate any temporary hiccups and refresh the system, restart your Android device.

    • You should check for updates for both Lightroom and your Android operating system to ensure you have the latest versions. Because the latest version makes an easy-to-use Lightroom.

    • To get rid of any temporary files that might be the source of the problem, clean the Lightroom app’s cache. As you know cache can negatively impact the performance of the lightroom.

    • You might want to try removing and reinstalling the Lightroom app on your Android device if none of these fixes resolve the issue.

    • If the problem persists, reach out to Adobe support for further assistance.

Final words:

So, it’s time to conclude this blog! Many editors use different apps for editing their pictures and videos. But the excellent Lightroom app is because of its free features. 

However many problems are faced by many editors such as Lightroom not working, crashes, and black/white screens on Android. These problems happen due to many reasons that I have discussed in this blog. But the main cause is hardware issues and operating issues. 

So, now you don’t need to worry and resolve all these problems to use Lightroom properly. Thank you for reading this entire blog! 

You can also look at this Blog Article to further explore this powerful video editing tool.

There is another useful resource that you access for further tutorials on how to use Lightroom, if you need to learn more about this please click here.
So, follow the tips and tricks and take amazing photos, thank you!


A: Your Lightroom app might be crashing due to issues with software compatibility, insufficient memory, corrupted cache, or outdated hardware drivers.

A: Lightroom may have stopped working due to reasons such as software bugs, outdated software, or conflicts with other programs or plugins.

A: To clear the cache in Lightroom mobile, go to Settings, then Storage, and choose Clear Cache.

A: To reset Lightroom, hold down the Shift and Option (Alt) keys while launching the application.

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