Adobe Lightroom presets free to download in 2024

Adobe Lightroom presets free to download in 2024

Many editors cannot purchase the best application to edit their photos in 2024. There are many applications available with paid versions. But Lightroom presets free download is the best choice for all who cannot pay. 


Yes, after using many tools, Lightroom presets free download has matched my preference. Adobe Lightroom presets are like a pre-made recipe that you can add to your pictures quickly. Many professional editors use Lightroom-free presets due to their fantastic features like colors, effects, and filters. Let’s discuss it in depth and how Lightroom presets are free to download in easy steps!

What are free Lightroom presets?

Free Lightroom presets are like the small studio on your phone, tablet, or PC. This means they have magic filters that can give a stunning look to your photos. For example; if you have taken a picture of your friend but you feel that something is missing from it. If you want more brighter picture, the Lightroom presets are here! 

They will help you to make your pictures according to your preferences. Presets have pre-made filters that you need to just apply to them. You can easily adjust multiple things with the help of Adobe Lightroom presets. Like the brightness, effects, colors, and contrast to give a professional and aesthetic look to your photos. 


Additionally, what is the best part? Adobe Lightroom presets are free to download! Yes, you can easily download it from the internet. Apply any preset that can easily match the style that you want for your images.

How to Lightroom presets free download?

Here are the easy steps to download the free Adobe Lightroom presets on your phone, laptop, PC, etc.

How to Lightroom presets free download?

Step 1: Find a Trusted Website:

Firstly, you have to look at any website or app that provides free Lightroom presets. But keep one thing in mind: the source to download the presets should be safe. This means do not forget to check their reviews. Because it will help you avoid any issues with your laptop or mobile which you are using to use the presets. 

Step 2: Browse Preset Collections:

Secondly, after choosing the website or app, you have to explore the website’s collection of Lightroom presets. They can be in the form of a theme, creator, or style. It is very essential because it will help you ensure that you are finding the right presets according to your preference. 

Step 3: Download Presets:

After that, when you have found the presets that match the style of your images. Then, it’s time to click on the button of download. Keep in mind that the presets are available in a zip file. However, to access the individual preset files, you must extract them.

Step 4: Install in Lightroom:


Lastly, you have to open Adobe Lightroom to the development module. Then, in the presets panel, you will click the right button and select “Import” to choose the preset files that you have already downloaded. After that, Lightroom will automatically install the presets. Now, you can easily use the free Lightroom presets to boost your photos. 

How to customize Lightroom presets for free download?

Here’s a simple and easy guide on customizing Lightroom presets free download:

Download Presets:

Accessing Preset Settings: h3

When you have added the presets to your photos. Then, you have to navigate to the develop module in Lightroom. Here, you will see the preset settings. it will be preset on the right-hand side of the screen. 

Adjusting Settings:h3

Then, you must explore the preset setting and adjust it to suit your style. To fine-tune the preset’s effect on your photo, you can adjust exposure, contrast, saturation, and more.

Saving Customizations: h3

When you are fully satisfied with your adjustment. So, after that, you can save them as a new preset. To save it, you have to click on the tap +  to the presets panel, then you have to give the name of your presets, and lastly select the setting that you want to include. Now, you have customized the Lightroom presets for free download

Some best Lightroom presets are free to download in 2024

Here are 10 easy Lightroom presets free to download in 2022. It focuses on portrait photography!

    • Soft Portrait: It is the best Lightroom preset free download. It helps you to boost your skin tones. 

    • Vibrant Portrait: It helps you to add vibrancy and enhance the colors. 

    • Black & White Portrait: This Lightroom preset free download creates classic, timeless white and black portraits.

    • Warm Glow Portrait: They add a golden glow for a cozy, warm, and inside feel.

    • Natural Light Portrait: This Adobe Lightroom preset free download highlights facial features and boosts natural light.

    • Moody Portrait: It creates a moody atmosphere for artistic portraits. 

    • Vintage Portrait: Adobe Lightroom presets add a vintage vibe to your portraits. 

    • High Fashion Portrait: It boosts and adds a touch of glamour to fashion portraits. 

    • Fresh & Clean Portrait: It helps to clean portraits with bright colors. 

    • Golden Hour Portrait: The Best Free Lightroom Presets Reflect the warm, amber hues of the golden hour to create breathtaking outdoor pictures.

Common Mistakes to Avoid during Lightroom Presets Free Download

Not Checking Compatibility:

When you are downloading Lightroom presets, you must check the version of Lightroom. Because many versions can create disturbance during the process of applying presets. 

Ignoring Reviews:

Check the reviews and feedback! This means after selecting the Lightroom presets free, you have to ask any person who has already used it. Or check the review on the internet. It will help you to get the best result!

Missing Adjustability:

Certain free presets don’t allow for personalization. Seek for presets that let you adjust brightness and color to precisely match your images. 

Skipping Updates:

Never ignore the notification of an update to Lightroom. Yes, when you see your Lightroom wants to update. So quickly update it. And never let it leave. When you update, you will get the best results from your presets. 

Forgetting License Terms:

Presets aren’t always free to utilize any way you please. Make sure you’re using them lawfully by reading the license terms, especially if you want to use them for business. 




Lastly, I hope now you can easily download Adobe Lightroom presets on your PC, phone, etc. The Adobe Lightroom presets have the power to change your photos into aesthetic look. Yes, they have many fantastic effects, colors, and other many adjustments that can attract all. So, it’s time to go ahead to download Adobe Lightroom presets and upload your pictures on social media! 


A: You can use Lightroom presets free from websites or forms.

A: Lightroom is free for tablet and mobile.

A: Yes, it is very good because they can give a stunning look to your photos.

A: Yes, Lightroom mobile allows batch editing.

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