In the field of photography, Choosing Lightroom vs Afterlight, two popular photo editing apps has become the most difficult decision for an editor in 2024. Because due to their excellent features, they cannot decide easily. So, for selecting any one app, you have come to the right place. 

Yes, after using these apps, I have the experience to share with you. If you upload your photos daily on social media with basic editing, Afterlight is a great choice for you. While, if you are a professional editor and want a high level of editing, Lightroom is the perfect choice for you!

Let’s go ahead and discuss their complete information and other key differences, helping you to decide which app is best for you in 2024. 

Lightroom vs Afterlight 2024

Lightroom and Afterlight are both popular apps for editing photos. But they are available for different purposes. If we talk about Lightroom, it is created by Adobe. Many professional photographers use this app due to their advanced editing features. You can easily edit exposure adjustments, colour correction, and apply presets to make stunning to your photos. 

lightroom vs afterlight mobile editing apps

On the other hand, Afterlight is also the best app for editing pictures. Many editors use this app due to its user-friendly interface. If you want basic editing for uploading on social media, Afterlight will help you make your pictures eye-catching.  So, it is a simple solution to edit your photos quickly daily. 

Lightroom vs Afterlight comparison

Lightroom vs Afterlight Pricing 2024

Lightroom is available with a monthly subscription cost. It starts with around $9.99. Afterlight comes a one-time purchase fee and charges are about $2.99 or a yearly subscription of around $17.99 for premium features. So, Afterlight is cheaper compared to Lightroom due to its basic editing features.

Lightroom vs Afterlight for Beginners

If you are a beginner, Afterlight is the perfect choice! It is very easy to use. Because their all functions are very simple to edit the photos. You can edit basic things like filters and effects. Lightroom is hard to use 

because of its advanced editing tools. You can edit the high-level pictures with the hello of Lightroom. 

Lightroom vs Afterlight professional tools

Lightroom is a great choice for professional users. Because they have a very high level of tools. Such as;  detailed exposure, advanced color grading, batch editing, and others. While Afterlight is good for some useful tools. This means they have limited basic features

Lightroom vs Afterlight Mobile Editing 2024

Afterlight vs Lightroom both provide the best mobile editing. But they focus on different preferences. For professional photographers, Lightroom Mobile offers an extensive set of professional features, such as support for RAW photos and advanced color tweaks. 

With its user-friendly filters and basic editing tools, Afterlight, on the other hand, shines in simplicity and speed, making it ideal for quick and fashionable alterations on the fly. 

lightroom vs afterlight editing apps

Lightroom vs Afterlight; key difference

Main UseProfessional photo editingQuick and easy photo enhancements
Editing ToolsAdvanced, detailed editing optionsBasic, user-friendly tools
Learning CurveSteeper, more complex to learnEasier, simple to use
CustomizationHigh level of customizationLimited customization options
Target UsersPhotographers and serious hobbyistsCasual users and social media enthusiasts

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Lightroom vs Afterlight Features 2024

Here are the features of Lightroom and Afterlight!

Lightroom features 2024

1. Professional Editing Tools:

It is one of the best features of Lightroom. They are an excellent choice for professional photographers. Yes, they provide a different kind of high-level o editing tools that can change the overall look of your images. Such as; color correction, exposure adjustments, and selective editing brushes. So, use these tools to make an attractive to your pictures. 

2. Lightroom Presets 2024

Lightroom presets are like the pre-made recipe for the editors. They have many different beautiful filters. You have to just apply it to your pictures with just one click. It is also a great way to enhance the overall look of your pictures. 

3. Seamless Integration:

Lightroom’s seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud improves workflow efficiency and convenience by enabling users to access and collaborate on their edited photographs and photos across numerous devices. 

Afterlight features 2024

1. Afterlight ease of use

The biggest feature of Afterlight is that it is very simple to edit the photos. This means if you are a new editor, Afterlight is the perfect choice for you. You do not need to take a class to use this app. Because you can easily understand their functions. 

2. Quick Editing Options:

Using Afterlight Filters 2024 can greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of your images. If you enjoy using social media, use this program to edit your images and post them regularly. So, by using Afterlight, you can easily make strong bonds among your friends. 

3. Affordability:

Afterlight is a more affordable alternative for casual photographers or those on a tight budget because it is usually less expensive than subscription-based systems like Lightroom. It is frequently offered for a one-time purchase or a small monthly fee. 

Final words:

Finally, it’s time to summarize this blog! Hope, after reading this blog Choosing Lightroom vs Afterlight is very good for you! They both are  Best Photo Editing App 2024. You have to just check your needs and preferences then you can easily decide Lightroom vs Afterlight: Which Photo Editing app is best for you in 2024?

Yes, if you are a beginner and want basic editing features with easy and simple functions, Afterlight is a great choice for you. While, for a professional editor and a high level of editing, Lightroom is the best decision!


You can easily customize your edits in Lightroom due to its high level of editing tools. 

You should choose Lightroom if you want to learn advanced photo editing. 

Professional photographers should use Lightroom because it is especially for advanced editing features. 

Afterlight is very easy to learn because they have very easy functions. 

Afterlight is better for a social media photo as compared to Lightroom. 

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