Lightroom vs Darktable

Lightroom vs Darktable? What’s The Difference?

In the world of photography, deciding on a photo editing app like Lightroom vs Darktable has become the riskiest task for all editors. Because many editors think that both apps are the same. But these both apps are used for different purposes. 


Yes, I can share my experience with you having used these applications. If you are a new editor and want easy editing, Lightroom is the perfect choice for you. But, if you want high-level editing without any subscription cost, choosing Darktable is the best decision!


Let’s go ahead and discuss their complete information and other key differences, telling you the other more differences and key information about these apps!

What is Lightroom vs Darktable 2024

Lightroom and Darktable are the two best photo editing tools. Photographers use these apps for different purposes. Lightroom was created by Adobe and it is gaining popularity day by day because of its user-friendly interface.  They easily change your photo look by using different types of filters, effects, and constraints. It requires your monthly subscription fees to edit your photos.

On the other hand, Darktable is also the best photo editing tool. Many photographers use it because it is free. It has many advanced editing features that can be harder for beginners. But it is the perfect choice for those who want a cost-free and high-level editing tool.

Lightroom vs Darktable quick comparison

Aspect Lightroom Darktable
Cost Paid subscription model Free, open-source software
Features Comprehensive editing tools and cloud integration Extensive editing capabilities and non-destructive workflow
Interface User-friendly with a sleek design Functional but less polished interface
Stability Generally stable with frequent updates May encounter occasional stability issues
Support Extensive official support and a large user community Community-driven support with forums and documentation

Lightroom vs Darktable; Key difference

Here are the key differences between Darktable and Lightroom, helping you to make a smart decision about which one is best for you!

Lightroom vs Darktable; Key difference

Lightroom vs Darktable for Beginners

Lightroom is easier for beginners. Because it is very simple to edit the photos. Beginners can easily edit their photos in Lightroom. Dartable is free but more powerful editing software. Beginners can not easily use it without taking a class from an experienced person. 

Lightroom vs Darktable export speed

Lightroom has a faster export speed than Darktable. You should say thanks to the performance of Adobe. Darktable also exports but it has no good speed. This means it can take more time to export due to its complex editing. So, if you want quick exporting, Lightroom is the best choice for you!

Lightroom vs Darktable image quality

Darktable vs Lightroom both produce excellent picture quality. Both Lightroom and Darktable produce great image quality. Because Lightroom produces somewhat better results because of its resources.  On the other hand,  Darktable produces stunning results but may require more user ability. 

Lightroom vs Darktable stability

With the support of Adobe’s resources and ongoing improvements, Lightroom is renowned for its dependability and seamless operation. Darktable is a robust and feature-rich program, but because of its open-source design and wide range of community contributions, it can occasionally experience stability problems. 


Lightroom vs Darktable Pricing and Value

Lightroom requires a monthly fee and can be a challenging task for beginners. But it is available with daily updates that can give you the new and latest features for your images. Darktable is a free app for editing your photos. This means they are available without any cost. 

Lightroom vs Darktable mobile app

If you are getting worried about which app is best for editing photos on mobile. So, lightroom is one of the best solutions! It gives you the freedom to choose any device for editing the photos. Darktable does not have a phone app limiting its accessibility for editing the images on mobile.  

Lr lr vs darktable for beginners image 1 1

Lightroom vs Darktable; Advantages

After getting key information about how to install Lightroom brushes in 2024, it’s time to explore how to solve the mystery of brushes not showing up in Lightroom. Let’s discuss it!

Advantages of Lightroom:

Ease of Use: Lightroom is very easy and simple to use. If you want to start your new business of photo editing, Lightroom is the perfect choice for you. Because their functions are easy to understand. 

Comprehensive Editing Tools:

With the help of Lightroom, you can adjust many basic things. Like filters, effects, and other many adjustments. It will help you to make your photos more stunning than others. 

Seamless Integration:

With Lightroom’s seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps, you can easily view photographs on multiple devices and streamline workflows. 

Advantages of Darktable:

Free and Open-Source:

Many editors skip many photo editing apps due to their higher prices. But, now Darktable is available free of cost. You can easily use it and edit your photos without investing money. This means instead of investing money, you can easily edit your photos for free. 

Powerful Editing Capabilities:

Many editors those who are lovers of social media and upload their photos on it, use Darktable. Because it is famous for high editing tools. You can make detailed adjustments to exposure, tone, color, and other many advanced edits with the hello of this app. 


Because of Darktable’s high degree of customization, users can design the interface and workflow exactly how they want. Photographers can design an editing environment that best fits their demands and aesthetics thanks to this versatility. 


Lightroom vs Darktable; Disadvantages


  • Requires paid subscription

  • The steeper learning curve for beginners

  • Closed-source, limited customization

  • Demands higher system requirements

  • Tied to Adobe ecosystem, less flexibility


  • Free, but may lack some advanced features

  • Can be overwhelming with extensive features

  • Open-source, may lack polished feature

  • Can be resource-intensive, especially with large files

  • More independent, but may lack seamless integration

Lightroom vs Darktable | Final Words

Finally, it’s time to make the final decision! After reading this entire blog, you can easily identify the difference between Lightroom vs Darktable. Both apps are excellent for editing photos but for different purposes. If you are a new editor and want to user-friendly app, Lightroom is the best choice for you.

While, if you want to edit the photos without any subscription fee, Darktable is the perfect decision. So, check your needs, select any app, and start your new journey of editing!


How to install Lightroom brushes in 2024

A: No, Lightroom is much better than Darktable because they have more powerful editing features.

A: Darktable is the best alternative to Lightroom.

A: Lightroom starts at $9.99/month and Darktable is completely free.

A: They are available on different platforms like; macOS, Linux, Windows, etc.

A: Darktable supports user manuals and community forums, and Lightroom supports Adobe support and online resources.

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