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Selecting the best photo editing apps like Lightroom vs Inshot Pro has become challenging for mobile editors. Because everyone needs a PC or laptop at home. So, Lightroom vs Inshot Pro is an excellent choice for mobile editors but for different purposes. 

If you want to edit videos to upload to social media, Inshot is the best choice. It is a straightforward, easy, and quick editing app. If you prefer to edit high-level photos, Lightroom is the perfect choice. This app has advanced editing features and also offers presets

So, Let’s show these apps’ advantages and key comparisons in depth!

Lightroom vs Inshot Pro

Lightroom and Inshot are both the best editing apps. But they are indeed used for different purposes. Adobe creates it. And they have very advanced editing features. like adjusting light and colour, and works with RAW images. If you want detailed editing, Lightroom is the perfect choice for you! 

On the other hand, Inshot is also the best app for editing videos. This app is famous due to its user-friendly interface. So, you can use this app if you upload your videos or pictures daily on social media. Additionally, this app has many fantastic features that attract the public. It allows you to edit audio, such as trimming, adding transitions, and effects. 

lightroom vs inshot pro

Lightroom vs Inshot Pro mobile editing app; a quick comparison

FocusPhoto EditingVideo editing
FeaturesAdvanced editing toolsBasic to intermediate tools
PurposeProfessional-quality imagesQuick video creation
PriceStarts at $9.99/monthFree with optional $2.99/month subscription
Export OptionsPhotos to device or cloudVideos to devices or social media platforms

Lightroom vs Inshot Pro Mobile Editing App Comparison 2024

Here is the in-depth comparison between Lightroom and Inshot!

Lightroom vs InShot Pro for photographers

Lightroom is the best choice for professional photographers. Because they have many high-level editing tools. All tools help you change your photos’ overall look according to your choice. Additionally, Inshot Pro is an easy and simple app that edits your videos quickly. You can edit filters, colours, etc with the lep of Inshot.  

Lightroom vs InShot for Social Media

If you are a lover of social media and upload your pictures daily on it, Inshort is a great choice for you. Because it is for quick and easy video editing daily. Lightroom is also the best if your purpose is not just to upload your photos on social media, But also to compete with your competitors. So, you can use Lightroom and beat your competitors with your pictures. 

Lightroom vs Inshot  Pro price: 

Photographers love to use Lightroom even though it is expensive compared to Inshot. Lightroom requires a subscription cost of $9.99/month with advanced features. Additionally, they also provide cloud storage. 

Inshot is less expensive than Lightroom due to its basic editing features. It is preliminary free and with a subscription cost starting at $2.99/month with a premium version like watermark removal. 

Lightroom vs Inshot  Pro quality

Inshot and Lightroom are both the best in quality. But have different points of view. Lightroom is gaining popularity day by day because it provides advanced features. Like;  color correction, precise adjustment, etc. Additionally, they also offer presets for professional and aesthetic results. 

Additionally, Inshot focuses on video editing. They edit your video quickly. They also offer multiple features for your video, like; filters, music, and trimming. 

Lightroom vs Inshot Pro export speed

Lightroom and Inshot are both the best in export speed! In Lightroom, you can easily export your video to your device or cloud storage. It’s up to you which one you want to export. Furthermore, Inshot allows you to export your video directly on social media. However, it has fewer export options than Lightroom. 

Adobe Lightroom features

Sharing Options:

The one excellent feature of Lightroom is sharing options. After riding your photos, you can share them in multiple places, such as sharing your edited pictures directly on social media platforms and exporting photos in various file formats.  

Creative Enhancements: 

Lightroom offers presets! The presets are the best way to enhance the look of your overall photos. They are like pre-made filters, you have to apply them to your images. After applying, you will get the professional result you want. 


With Lightroom’s album creation, keyword labelling, and cloud storage integration, you can organize your photo library and make sure your memories are always available.

Inshot pros and cons

Easy-to-use interfaceWatermark on the free version
Versatile editing toolsLimited advanced features
In-app music and sound effectsOccasional bugs and crashes
Integration with social mediaLimited text options
Free version availableIn-app purchases
lightroom vs inshot pro

Conclusion: Lightroom vs Inshotr Pro

Finally, it’s time to summarize this blog! Choosing the app Lightroom vs Inshot Pro for mobile editing is very easy. They both are an excellent choice for your mobile editing. Lightroom is best for you if you are a professional editor and want advanced editing features!

If you want an easy video editing app, Inshot is a great choice. So, identify your need and become the Best Mobile Video Editors in 2024. 


Lightroom is best for advanced editing photos, and Inshot is best for video editing.

Inshot is the best app for social media content. 

Lightroom has more advanced editing features than Inshot.

Inshot is very easy to use. 

Lightroom or Inshot are best for mobile editing, but it depends on your preference and needs. 

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