Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic: What’s The Difference?

Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic: What’s The Difference?

When editors select Lightroom to edit their photos, they get confused to choose about their versions. Because they do not know the key differences between their version like Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic. So, do not worry dear readers you have to the right place to know their key differences.
Yes, Lightroom is used for basic editing and they save edited photos in the cloud. While Lightroom Classic is the pro version of Lightroom because they have many advanced tools and they save photos on the computer. Let’s discuss some key differences in depth, keep on reading dear reader! or You can also look at this Blog Article  to further explore this powerful video editing tool.

What is Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic?

Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic

Lightroom and Lightroom Classic are both fantastic tools for organizing and editing photos. They both are created by Adobe. But they have some key differences that mean they are used for different purposes. Lightroom is a cloud-based tool. That simply means your pictures and edits are saved online. 

Additionally, it will give you the freedom to edit your images from any device. This means you can use it according to your preference like mobile, PC, and laptop. Many photographers use this tool because they distort your photos and share them quickly on social media. 

However, Lightroom Classic is a desktop application. The main purpose of this tool is to organize and modify the images on your computer’s hard drive. Additionally,  The main benefit of Lightroom Classic is that it provides advanced editing features that are perfect for photographers in the business. Users of Lightroom Classic usually have a large number of photographs that require precise, in-depth editing. 
Lightroom Classic offers the greatest and most amazing editing capabilities to help you hone your photos. You may adjust the exposure, contrast, color, and other features of your images, giving you a great deal of control over them. 

Advantages of Lightroom Classic 

1. Powerful Editing Tools

It is one of the best advantages of Lightroom Classic. They are excellent for professional photographers. Because they have many advanced editing features to make attractive pictures. 

2. Organized Workflow

With the use of folders, tags, and ratings, it keeps your images organized. This makes finding and organizing your photos simple, particularly if you have a sizable collection.

3. Non-Destructive Editing

Many editors want an original touch in their photos. That means there are many apps that make your photos look like fake. But in Lightroom Classic, you will also see the original look in your photos. Additionally, if you want to go back again, you can easily go back during the process of editing.  

4. Batch Processing

You may edit many photos at once with batch processing. It will help you to save your precious time. Because editing all photos separately can waste a lot of time. So, use this app and save your time!

Disadvantages of Lightroom Classic 

1. Steep Learning Curve 

Using Lightroom Classic for beginners can be a challenging task. Yes, because many beginners can not understand their hard functions easily. 

2. Subscription Cost

Many editors especially beginners cannot buy these tools due to their paid versions. That simply means it can be expensive for new editors. 

3. Limited Graphic Design Features

Lightroom Classic lacks sophisticated visual design features and is primarily intended for picture processing. So, You might need to use extra tools, such as Photoshop, for detailed design work. 

Lightroom vs Lightroom classic

Feature Lightroom Lightroom Classic
Interface Simple, modern look Classic, traditional interface
Storage Stores photos in the cloud Saves photos on your computer
Performance Quick on mobile devices Faster on powerful computers
Access Access anywhere online It is accessed only on your computer
Editing Tools Basic editing options More advanced editing capabilities

Who Should Use Lightroom Classic?

Who Should Use Lightroom Classic?

For photographers who desire robust editing capabilities and an all-inclusive system of organization, Lightroom Classic is ideal. This version is ideal for users who prefer to work on a desktop or laptop and have a sizable photo collection. 
Furthermore, Professionals who need precise control over modifications and want to manage their photo collection efficiently will find it suitable. Regardless of your level of skill, Lightroom Classic offers the capabilities and resources you need to improve as a photographer.

Who should use Lightroom?

For photographers of all skill levels looking for extensive and effective photo organizing and editing capabilities, Lightroom is the best option. Lightroom provides easy-to-use tools for modifying colors, tones, and details for both novices and experts. Additionally, its robust cataloging features enable efficient workflow and effective management of big image collections.

Final words:

Finally, it’s time to summarize the topic! We hope, now you can easily choose anyone between Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. Because we have covered everything about Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic
Like; Lightroom is used for basic editing. If you want to edit your photos for uploading on social, Lightroom is best! While, if you are a professional editor and want a high level of features to change the overall look of your photos, Lightroom Classic is perfect!
Well, hope now you have understood that the Lightroom Vs Lightroom Classic works very well. You can also look at this Blog Article  to further explore this powerful video editing tool.


A: Lightroom Classic is the best version of Lightroom to choose from because of its high editing features.

A: Yes, you can access Lightroom anywhere like mobile, PC, or tablet.

A: No, you do not need an internet connection to use Lightroom Classic.

A: Lightroom Classic is not suitable for beginners because of its advanced editing tools.

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